Sagg Creek Marketing 
Growth Strategies | Digital - Social Media - Content Marketing | Brand Advertising


Our name comes from the creek that runs through Sagaponack, NY on Long Island’s east end.
Our inspiration comes from the resident ospreys: A bird of prey that displays focus, precision and grace.
Technology-enabled marketing that drives growth.

We offer:

Driving Directions for your brand. Clearly defined targets and what they need or want. A value proposition expressed as a benefit vs. features. Give reasons to believe the offer. Identify the best ways to attract and engage people. A strong call-to-action.

Message Development/Delivery: Content is King. Websites, advertising, e-commerce sites, blogs, social media marketing, dynamic content, e-mail campaigns, thought leadership, public relations

Measurement/Analytics: Data is Queen. It's all about measuring attraction and engagement. Tracking views, clicks, social shares, conversions that all drive profitable growth, and optimize your spend.

The Work: It's not creative if it doesn't sell.